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Make a Bubblestick

Have you lost your guide? No problem. You can make a new Bubblestok very simple. Always use cotton rope!

Bubblestok BubbleLab


While the whole world runs around, you can dream away with BubbleLab. Do you have something beautiful to tell, share sadness or just want to enjoy? Go out and make the most beautiful bubbles.


(Marc Day – YouTube 2010)

The best weather

Wind seems fine, but let your bubble break quickly. A bit of wind, a bit of sun and especially no rain. Then the Bubbles do it at their best!

Bubble spat lang kl

Making BubbleLab is easy!

In this video we show you how easy it is to make 5 liters of soda. And when you’re done, pour it into clean plastic bottles to keep it for months. Lots of fun!


Recycle BubbleLab

We want to get all children to play and to pollute the environment as little as possible. Difficult … That’s why we like to give you tips on what you can do with our packaging. Super fun to make yourself!


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