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At Home

Brew yourself meter-long soap bubbles!

All the ingredients for an afternoon of play and wonder, that’s what comes out of the BubbleLab tube. With tubes full of bubble powder, sticks and rope you can easily make 5 liters of suds and a nice bubble stick where you can carry gigantic soap bubbles for hours. Be prepared, because the public will automatically flow …!

Discover, play and wonder

After months of cooking in the kitchens of Het Kleine Avontuur, the very best bubble powder has finally been found to brew gigantic soap bubbles. And they are great! With this suds you can make bubbles that float meters in the air. Sparkling colors and exhilarating sparkles will provide gleaming glances.

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Outdoor play has never been so much fun!

BubbleLab makes outdoor games a party. Making bubbles, catching bubbles or doing fun experiments with the suds: BubbleLab leads to hours of outdoor play and lots of fun!


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BubbleLab in your store?

We believe that BubbleLab will create a lot of happy faces. So what could be more fun than to participate in this party?

Ordering is easy

The distribution of BubbleLab is provided by Immenz.

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