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Make giant soap bubbles!

BubbleLab is a beautiful product that inspires parents and children all over Europe. Everyone, young and old, will be happy making giant soap bubbles. BubbleLab helps you brew your own ‘BubbleLab soap’. This soap is so strong! You can make meters of bubbles!

Educational, cheerful, friendly, inspiring and challenging!

Never before it was so easy to get kids outdoor. BubbleLab ensures that outdoor play is a party. Just put your bucket filled with Bubblesoap outside and pick up you Bubblesticks. Try to make a giant bubble or experiment with the soap. BubbleLab makes children explore and discover. It’s just like a Lab.

Sparkling colors ensure everyone is watching you playing. Within no time at all children in the neighborhood will follow you and make your audience.

BubbleLab Basic
All the ingredients you need to enjoy your soap balloons come rolling out of the BubbleLab tube:

  • 2 sticks and a rope to make your own bubblestick
  • 2 tubes with BubbleLab powder to make 5 liters of Bubblesoap
  • 1 manual

BubbleLab Basic

It’s easy to brew the soap. Within 5 minutes the soap is ready to start. You only have to add 1 bottle of detergent. In the Netherlands, we recommend for the best result a bottle of original green Dreft (no lemon!).
Other European countries can use FAIRY or YES. (400ml).

Having a party of play at school: BubbleLab Partyfun

With this tube you get 3 bubblesticks and bubble powder for 15 liters of soap!
Just add 3 bottles of detergent and you can play for hours with a group of children.

BubbleLab Partyfun

Of course we have refill boxes:

BubbleLab Xtra 10 litersBubbleLab Xtra 5 liter

Discover, play and wonder

BubbleLab Sophie kl


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