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Once upon a time…

Years ago we saw them for the first time: gigantic soap bubbles that flew past during a holiday in Sweden. Enchanted, we looked at these colorful clouds of soap that rippled through the air and splashed wonderingly. What beautiful colors! And what an adventure! We could catch the bubbles, but the recipe for this special soap was hidden from us. Here we could only dream of…

After a long time experimenting in our kitchens it is now a big party! The best bubble powder has been found to blow the biggest bubbles. And they become big! We have carefully put together materials that allow you to brew these bubbles at home. Very simple you make liters of sud for hours of fun! Hopefully you will be surprised just as we still do. We wish you a lot of fun with BubbleLab!


Publisher: Het Kleine Avontuur (www.hetkleineavontuur.nl)

Distributor: Immenz (www.immenz.nl)

Designer: Ramona Nieuwenhuisen (www.ramonanieuwenhuisen.nl)